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Glee Havens

Executive Pastry Chef

Glee Cake & Pastry

Downtown Chelsea, MI


Glee Cake & Pastry, named after owner and baker Glee Havens, is OPEN in downtown Chelsea, MI.

Glee Cake & Pastry features quality classic European style cakes including wedding cakes, cupcakes, and individual pastries for local high-end restaurants, and caterers as well as walk-in retail customers.  Customers will have the opportunity to personalize their sweet treats.  “I am so excited to be in downtown Chelsea,” says Glee.  “We have been talking about opening our own cake and pastry place for so long.  Chelsea was the perfect fit for us.”

Raised in beautiful upstate New York, Glee Havens acquired the love of baking from her talented mother at a very early age.  After pursuing an economics degree at SUNY/Buffalo, Glee went on to study at the Baltimore Culinary Institute (BCI), where she graduated with top honors.  At BCI Glee trained under the famous Austrian Chef Jan Bandula, who previously served as the White House pastry chef during the Carter Administration.  After culinary school, Glee acquired the position of Executive Pastry Chef for the Omni Hotel & Convention Center.  (The largest convention center in Maryland.)  She became very well known in the Baltimore and Washington DC area where she catered to many of the well-known restaurants, hotels, and gourmet shops.  Glee's desserts have been enjoyed by many well-known people such as: Gerald Ford, Frank Perdue, Bubba Smith, Ted Copple, Oliver North, and The Baltimore Orioles.  Glee's work has also been illustrated in top periodicals like Architectural Digest and Bon Appetite.  In 1991 Glee married and moved to central Michigan.  The past few years Glee has built a loyal following of gourmet connoisseurs while raising a family.  Glee's love of baking continues to this day.  It is shown in the aesthetic beauty and tantalizing taste of everything she makes.

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